Window Cleaning Case Studies

London Eye

Mitie used an Aquafactors water fed pole system for cleaning windows at the London Eye.

The Aquafactors water fed pole system has good productivity and it means you don’t have to use access equipment.

Also the glass doesn’t need to be cleaned off after using the poles because the deionised water doesn’t leave any smears.

Tate St Ives

Churchill Contract Services used Aquafactors water fed poles for window cleaning at Tate St Ives.

Due to its seafront location, Tate St Ives presents some fairly difficult cleaning aspects.

The combination of wind and sea spray sees large windows stained with salt deposits, requiring regular cleaning.

Coventry Cathedral

Delta Cleaning selected Aquafactors water fed pole systems to clean the immense window at Coventry Cathedral, known as the West Screen.

This glass and bronze framework is approximately 21.6 metres (71′) high by 13.7 metres (45′) wide.

Due to the restrictions of access, cost and time using traditional cleaning methods, the window had not been thoroughly cleaned for many years.

Syon Park Conservatory

PKM Cleaning Limited used Aquafactors aluminium poles on this spectacular glass structure with an enormous dome – the centre-piece of the Syon House gardens in West London.

Cleaning the inside as well as the outside is undertaken using the Aquafactors water fed pole system.

With traditional window cleaning methods the building took 2½ weeks to complete the work. With water fed poles this has reduced to just 8 days and the result is far superior.

Chepstow Race Course

Constant Services used the Aquafactors water fed pole system in a variety of ways – showing that the aluminium, dual hose, system can offer specific and unique advantages.

This cleaning is undertaken at all heights. This includes the offices, hospitality suites, restaurants, bars, as well as the external cladding and signs.

With traditional cleaning methods the site would take two men over eight hours to clean. This has been reduced by 50% and the results are far superior.

Essex University

Shirley Shelley used the Aquafactors water fed pole system to clean windows and canopies at Essex University.

Built down the middle of a short valley in parklands of over 200 acres, Essex University has many buildings set into hillsides.

That presents enormous problems for traditional window cleaning methods, but the lightweight Aquafactors aluminum pole system worked particularly well.