Chepstow Race Course

Concerns about ladders and the health and safety implications was one of the main reasons for Chepstow Race Course management deciding to clean the external aspects of all the main buildings and visitor enclosures using a water fed pole system.

Aquafactors Water Fed Pole System

The contractor, Constant Services, uses the Aquafactors water fed pole system in a variety of ways – showing that the aluminium, dual hose, system can offer specific and unique advantages.

A great deal of investment has been put into Chepstow Race Course and it is now a premier venue in the world of horse racing.

In recent years, it has been completely refurbished, including design improvements to the glass and cladding coverage.

This makes the site both an attractive and prestigious one to clean while still offering some distinct challenges. As the main cleaner on site, Courtney Constant explained that, as walkway access is limited, the use of scaffolding and cherry pickers is almost impossible.

Water fed poles are the only answer.

Reduced Cleaning Times & Superior Results

The race course is very open and high winds are common. In such an open position the head-on box was particularly difficult to clean accessing with a ladder, but is comparatively straightforward to reach with an Aquafactors water fed pole system as it can have individual sections added or subtracted.

This cleaning is undertaken at all heights. This includes the main boxes, offices, hospitality suites, restaurants, bars, weighing rooms, as well as the external cladding and signs.

With traditional cleaning methods the site would take two men over eight hours to clean. This has been reduced by 50% and the results are far superior.

Courtney Constant started his business in 1986. He operates from his base near St Albans, Hertfordshire, and has some well known customers including Mercedes Benz.

Courtney Constant specialises in glass, sign and canopy cleaning, and, as an avid supporter of Aquafactors, particularly likes the dual hose overhead rinse facility.

To see how your business could benefit from use of an Aquafactors water fed pole system, please contact us.