Essex University

The main campus at Essex University is partly built down the middle of a short valley in parklands of over 200 acres.

Many of the buildings are set into the hillsides.

Aquafactors Water Fed Pole System

This makes for an attractive setting but one that gives enormous problems for traditional window cleaning methods, as outlined to us by Shirley Shelley, the cleaning contractor.

Water fed poles are the only answer and the Aquafactors aluminum pole system works particularly well.

However, even with the flexibility and the advantages of the dual water feed facility, Mark Shelley explained that the gradients involved make it necessary to use poles at some difficult angles.

Lightness in use is therefore a major consideration as well as handling. Additionally, the campus site is very windy making the Aquafactors water fed pole the safest way of cleaning.

Some of the new buildings are fitted with ‘brise soleil’ canopies and were originally omitted from the cleaning schedule because access was impossible either by rope access or by cherry pickers. With interchangeable ‘gooseneck’ clamps, water fed poles can now be used over these canopies with great effect.

Aquafactors Trailer & Deioniser Water Treatment Systems

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