Mobile Washing & Cleaning Systems

One of the most important aspects of a mobile washing system or mobile window cleaning system is the carrying of the water.

Aquafactors have a complete range of mobile water systems to cater for all of your needs.

We build and supply the following types of mobile water systems:

Designed for Strength, Stability & Safety

Experience of water quality and the volumes used, related to weight, tank size, fitting requirements, ruggedness and the safety implications, has led to the company designing its own compact, frameless tank.

This has been so successful that we have patented the concept.

Aquafactors Frameless Tank

The tanks are specifically fabricated for the heavy duty requirements of the industry.

The construction is thermocrafted from sheets of embossed black polypropylene. The shell is both formed and welded to give rigidity and strength. Over the length, baffles are inserted to contain water movement.

On the larger tanks horizontal baffles are also fitted to give better stability and safety.

There is no frame so the tanks are as compact and as light as possible, while giving the maximum in water carrying capacity.

Special materials

Maintaining water purity and preventing algae growth is paramount.

Therefore, the materials used are completely inert and have a zero opacity which makes them light proof.

They are also resistant to any form of chemical aggression.

Custom Built

Most tanks are custom built giving individual choice on the positioning of hose reels and other equipment.

All mounting attachments are corrosion resistant and are encapsulated into pads, welded directly on
the tank so there is no necessity to penetrate the tank walls.

Vehicle size and load weight will, in most cases, dictate the tank capacity we would recommend.

There are three main sizes, 360 litres, 650, and a 1200 litre tank.

There is a wide choice of ancillary fittings and equipment.

The tanks are manufactured for Aquafactors by a tank fabrication specialist with many years experience in the business.

The tanks have a 3 year warranty and a life expectancy of between fifteen and twenty years.

It is interesting to note that the same tank construction techniques have been adopted by the specialist vehicle division of Land Rover. The fabricators are now mounting these special water tanks into four wheel drive, all terrain, vehicles for the Fire Service and Forestry Commission.

This new type of fire fighting vehicle is able to reach difficult locations easier and quicker than conventional fire trucks and tenders.

If you have a demonstration from one of our team they will come to you in one of our vehicles enabling you to see the whole tank system operating.

To see how your business could benefit from use of an Aquafactors mobile washing & cleaning system, please