Window Cleaning Trailer Systems

300 Litre Window Cleaning Trailer System

This easy to use and easy to tow, one man, window cleaning trailer system is a highly popular, simple to use, mobile unit.

Designed around a single axle galvanised trailer, the system is ideal for the domestic operative, as well as for larger businesses, wanting equipment that can be man handled without hassle into areas difficult to access with a larger vehicle.

The system has its own battery supply which is charged from the towing vehicle when on the move (vehicle must be specifically wired for two sockets).

The 300 litre tank is based on Aquafactor’s highly successful patented thermo-crafted, baffled unit and is based on a design used with all its mobile systems. It is totally impervious to light and is amazingly lightweight.

The system has two compact deioniser tanks; one for filling the other for “polishing”. Front and rear storage lockers are easy to access.