About Aquafactors

Based in the UK and with a growing overseas distribution network, Aquafactors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of window cleaning equipment. In particular, we are known for our deep understanding of water treatment systems and their use in the window cleaning industry.

We Supply:

Water fed pole system

Window cleaning trolley systems

Window cleaning trailer systems

Window cleaning van systems

Ready-to-go window cleaning vans

Hot wash window cleaning systems

Bespoke window cleaning systems

Indoor window cleaning systems

Static water making systems

Mobile water treatment systems

Window cleaning accessories, parts and consumables

Window cleaning accessories, parts and consumables

Much has moved on in recent years and with the UK leading the world in high level cleaning systems Aquafactors has diversified considerably. It now provides its customers with its own range of both aluminium and carbon fibre poles, as well as a variety of tailor made water treatment packages to suit the needs of the local window cleaner as well as national and blue chip organisations.

Superior Cleaning with Superior Water

The results from an Aquafactors water treatment system can be quite remarkable, but this has much to do with the quality of water used as to the skill of the cleaning operative.

Using pure water is a must. It leaves no stains or water marks even if allowed to dry in direct sunlight.

Aquafactors pride ourselves on the systems we build.

We probably understand water treatment better than anyone else in the industry. This is an important asset in providing the right assistance and right choice of equipment.

A Full Range of Accessories and Spares

To support the various systems there are numerous fittings available including hose connectors and adapters, detergent dispensers, water softeners, de-ionisers, reverse osmosis systems, water storage tanks and pumps.

Every conceivable part of a pole is available as a spare part right down to the smallest of nuts and screws.

Most components are available ex stock and a rapid next day delivery service is offered.

Marketing Support

Aquafactors Limited waver copyright on logos and promotional support material for their customers.

A CD is available with photographs and graphics for use by printers and sign writers. You can use the photographs to make up your own sales presenter. The CD is produced in various file formats.

Van livery and other support services are available to make your business look as professional as possible.


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