Window Cleaning Trolley Systems

Deioniser Window Cleaning Trolley System

The Aquafactors Deioniser window cleaning trolley system can be used with any of our water fed poles.

The system includes a pressure cylinder containing 25 litres of deionised (DI) resin. This produces a 99.9% pure water when connected to any outside tap.

Most tap pressures are sufficient to provide the right flow to the brush head.

The cylinder is mounted on a two wheeled cart and the system comes complete with all hose connections, a 50 metre reel of hose and a total dissolved solids (TDS) monitor to measure the water purity.

Portable 50 Litre Window Cleaning Trolley System

This very sturdy powder coated purpose-built window cleaning trolley system comes complete with large pneumatic puncture proof wheels enabling the trolley to move easily over uneven ground.

The trolley system includes a digital electronic controller which provides battery voltage readings, accurate flow control & monitoring and excellent water saving benefits.

Fitted with a 4 amp intelligent charger that plugs directly in to the battery box via a connection port, your battery will always be ready to go. As with all our systems, we have fitted a Shurflo 100psi 5.2LPM pump.

The system comes with two robustly interconnected 25L drums with reduced air gapped and filtered riser tubes which means that the water will drain evenly between the two containers.

Your water fed pole will connect to the trolley through the attached 5 metres of full bore Tricoflex multi construction kink resistance hose which is fitted with a Hozelock Stop End Connector to enable stopping the water flow without having to go back to the trolley each time.

To see how your business could benefit from use of an Aquafactors Portable 50L Window Cleaning Trolley System, please To see how your business could benefit from use of an Aquafactors 360 Litre Hand-Pulled Window Cleaning Trolley System, please