Ready-to-go Window Cleaning Vans

Our Ready-to-go window cleaning vans feature Aquafactors purified water tanks fitted to brand new vans.

We also provide a range of 4 window cleaning van systems designed to be installed in your existing van. – click here for full details.

Aquafactors has are able to offer our customers the most effective and reliable mobile ready-to-go window cleaning van systems from a variety of vehicle manufacturers.

Aquafactors produce an innovative window cleaning system that uses pure water with extendable aluminium and carbon fibre poles and brush attachments, to clean windows and other surfaces up to 25 metres high without the need for ladders and buckets.

Our system’s obvious health and safety benefits have won it the backing of the Health and Safety Executive, which has grown concerned at the number of ladder accidents each year and the rising cost of insurance cover as a result.

Ready to go Window Cleaning Van Systems from Aquafactors

As there is often no access to a water supply when working at commercial premises, it is necessary for operators to have their own supply.

With this in mind, Aquafactors can supply fully kitted-out vans with our special baffled water tanks to offer customers the complete package. By combining the best technology of Aquafactors and vehicle manufacturers – we can offer customers the most effective and reliable product available: the Ready-to-go Aquafactors Window Cleaning Van System.

Large Pure Water Tanks in Medium & Large – SWB & LWB Vans

Both the Medium and the larger van models form the ideal housing for the pure water tank and cleaning equipment. The Vito easily swallows a 650-litre tank while the Sprinter is able to carry a 1,000-lite tank.

Finance Available

In addition, finance is also available, subject to status.

To see how your business could benefit from use of a Ready to go Window Cleaning Van System from Aquafactors, please contact us.