Static Water Making Systems

Incorporating a static water making facility into the water treatment equation will bring down the cost of making purified water and more than justifies the investment.

It also enables volume water to be made continually. This is particularly important to a company operating several mobile systems.

Aquafactors employs reverse osmosis (RO) technology using pumped, high water pressures to achieve excellent rejection characteristics, resulting in a 95% to 98% pure water, with the minimum of water wastage.

In a hard water area the incoming supply is softened to assist performance and prolong the life of the RO membranes. Purified water made in this way still needs to be “polished”, with a deioniser (DI) cylinder, before use, to bring the purity up to 99.9%.

Water Storage Tanks

A system can have one or more water storage tanks. A pump is included with a large bore hose to transfer water quickly from the storage tank/s to an on-board mobile tank.

Typically a static water making system will take up about a third of a single garage in space terms. This can be reduced with the use of a wall mounted reverse osmosis (RO) system. However, much depends on the size of the storage tanks. Again there are various choices.

Free Site Survey

When considering a location for this equipment several services are required. Electricity, water and mains drainage are needed and to site against an outside wall will facilitate the fitting of an overflow.

We normally undertake a free site survey prior to installation.

Buy or Lease

We offer our customers the choice of buying or leasing their static water system.

Static system prices and equipment choice will vary dependent on location and the quality of the local water supply.

Installation costs are extra and average approximately £560.

All installation work will be carried out by our own highly trained engineers.

Get a Free Site Survey

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