Water Fed Poles_

Aquafactors provide water fed poles, brushes and hose systems to suit all requirements.

High Quality Aluminium and Carbon Fibre Poles

The demand in the water fed pole market is met with poles manufactured primarily from four types of materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Composite Fibre
  • Glass Fibre

We promote the highest grade of aluminium poles and nothing but the best quality composite and carbon fibre poles.

We expect our pole systems to give a customer long term use if looked after and maintained properly.

Aluminium Water Fed Poles

Aquafactors supply two types of aluminium poles:

  • Aquafactors AscentTM Poles with pennel clamps

The very popular Aquafactors AscentTM aluminium poles with pennel clamps are available up to 45′ (13.5m) as a single man system.

Aquafactors AscentTM poles and Aspire Poles are available as a simple easy to use single hose system, or as a full exterior cleaning system in a dual hose format, with either chemical doser or detergent dispenser.

Composite & Carbon Fibre Water Fed Poles

When working below 35′ (10.5m), aluminium poles are always the best option – but working from 35′ (10.5m) and above, carbon fibre is a recommended alternative that should be considered.

We have worked hard to develop our own Aquafactors range of composite and carbon fibre poles which are rigid, strong, hard wearing and very popular.

Under development and coming soon is our market-leading high-modulus carbon fibre range of poles, which are lighter, stronger and more rigid.

Aquafactors Pole Brushes

Sought after world wide, Aquafactors is proud to sell the our own Pole range of brushes.

Aquafactors has uniquely mastered the art of producing the best range and quality of brushes in the industry. The brushes are available in a variety of convenient to use sizes, including 6″, 9″, 12″ and 18″, and the nylon bristle has been specifically designed for purpose and is not simply an adapted floor frayed bristle as can be found in most other brushes in use in the industry.

We would expect a typical Aquafactors Brush to outlast any other water fed pole brush on the market. The bristles have a unique “bounce-back” feature.

Single & Dual Hose Systems

Our single hose systems are lightweight and very popular for day to day cleaning of glass panes.

Our dual hose systems are designed to be used with the purpose-built robust detergent dispenser as well as the chemical dosing system, both of which automatically mix the correct amount of detergent or chemical solution.

While the soap or chemical solution is dispensed through the brush, the overhead spray provides a perfect rinse-off of the surface as you clean.

The detergent tablets are formulated with wetting agents, water softeners and protein removers and no strong alkalines are used. Runoff will not stain or mark windows, paint, brick, stone, masonry, or metal and they are environmentally friendly too!

The compressed, concentrated tablets are long lasting, and take approximately 4 hours to dissolve completely, meaning that they economically cover large surface areas.

Free Demonstration

To see how your business could benefit from use of an Aquafactors water fed pole system, please