Tate St Ives

Aquafactors water fed poles are being used on the Tate Gallery. It presents some fairly difficult cleaning aspects due to its seafront location. This is not the Tate Gallery in London, of course, this is the Tate Gallery in St Ives, Cornwall, one of several Tate sites in the UK.

Opened by Prince Charles in 1993, this impressive building lies on a steep slope overlooking Porthmeor Bay. As is typical of the town, it’s squeezed in on all sides by other buildings and a narrow road. Access is therefore difficult, making the use of scaffolding and cherry pickers, for external cleaning, almost impossible.

Aquafactors Water Fed Poles

Aquafactors water fed poles work well here under the guidance of Raoul Petit, Window Cleaning Manager of the contractor, Churchill Contract Services Ltd.

The dual hose ability (allowing a water feed to the brush head as well as an overhead rinse spray) plus the wide range of brushes of the Aquafactors system is used to full potential on most of the main surfaces including the windows and façade.

One of the more difficult areas to reach is a small glass dome that features inside the front loggia. Raoul uses two different goose necks so that the brush angles correctly against the glass.

Aquafactors Double Trim Brushes

Overlooking the loggia and the bay beyond, through a spectacular area of glass, are two internal galleries. The combination of wind and sea spray sees this massive window stained with salt deposits, requiring regular cleaning. A combination of 12″ (30.5cm) and 18″ (45.7cm) double trim brushes is used effectively to ride easily over the panels and splay out and clean into the crevices and around the frame edges.

Churchill also tackle the façade of the building using short bristled masonry brushes to great effect.

We must thank Churchill for their help in preparing this article. The company is one of the largest cleaning organisations in the country and is involved with many household names including the Eden Project and The National Health Service.

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